Voivode Varekai is the Spiritual Name of International Award Winning Artist, The GYPSY. He was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1956. He is of Romani Descent commonly referred to as “Gypsy”, thus the Professional Name. Proud of his Gypsy Heritage he attributes his abilities to his known and long ancestry dating back to 1543 a.d. believing that he is guided by those who have gone before.

In October 1963 Voivode moved with his Mother and Sister into his Grandmothers home in Topeka, Kansas. The home was built in 1858 and has a long history of Paranormal activity. Shortly after moving into his Grandmothers home he had his first encounter and so was born his life long love of the strange, unusual and unexplained.

Over the years Voivode Varekai has had numerous Paranormal and Supernatural experiences. He has had close encounters with UFO’s and several Cryptozoological creatures including Sasquatch.

Voivode Varekai is a “Sensitive” which gives him the ability to discern spirits. He also has the ability to “feel” the mood of spirits. This is a type of Clairvoyance and should not be confused with those that can communicate with spirits.
The most interesting ability that Voivode has is “Presentiment”, this is a form of Precognition where in future events are perceived emotionally. This ability has saved Voivode Varekai, his family and friends on several occasions.

A world traveler, actor and paranormal investigator Voivode Varekai has been featured in numerous Television Programs and Docu-Movies.

Docu-Movies Include:
(1)“The Gathering: Code of the West” in which he had starring credits along with Peter Fonda, Jim Dandy, Greg Allman, Slaughter, Ratt, etc.
(2) “A Rotten Look At Sturgis” With Hank Rotten Jr. & Allen Ross

Television documentaries which include:

(1) Discovery Channels: A Trip Down 66
(2)Travel Channels: Sturgis The Great Ride
(3) Bio Channels: My Ghost Story Caught on Camera – Mount Hope (episode 60)
(4) Destination Americas: Monsters & Myths in America – Blue Albino Lady.

Voivode Varekai has appeared on numerous television and radio news programs as well as having numerous articles wrote about him and his abilities in countless newspapers and magazines.

An accomplished writer he authored “Blogging Kansas: Musings From The Land of Oz” in 2013 and is getting ready to publish his second book, “Never Say Never: An Epic Journey – Volume One”.

Voivode, in his professional guise as The GYPSY, has won World wide recognition and numerous awards for his artwork and tattooing as well as being involved in community affairs and civic organizations.

Voivode Varekai devotes his time to mystic art, helping those with questions through various forms of psychic readings and traveling the country in search of the strange, the unusual, the unknown. He continues to be involved in community affairs and events.

Voivode Varekai believes in sharing the blessings he has been given and in giving back to all who deserve and have earned those blessings.

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